I am considered an “out of network” provider for all insurance companies.  If you would like to submit your claim to insurance, I will be happy to provide an invoice with the necessary information so that you can submit your own claim.

There are several reasons families choose not to use insurance.  Insurance companies requires a diagnosis to file a claim.  Many clients do not need a diagnosis.  They need support services or specific interventions that are not covered.  Insurance companies may also limit the amount of sessions they pay for.  This may impact the treatment received by a therapist.  Insurance companies often require a clinical review.  This breaks confidentiality and requires the therapist to disclose information that a client may or may not want to be disclosed.

You may be able to use flex accounts or HSA’s to pay for these medical expenses.  Check your policy to be sure.



50 minute Individual Therapy Session:  $125

50 minute Family Therapy Session:  $150

90 minute Initial Intake Session:  $175

Clinical Supervision:  to be determined

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics:  contact me for information based on in-home assessment or office assessment


Counseling fees can be paid by with cash, check, or credit card.